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Charente Tournages has a rich and diverse range of resources dedicated to film shoots. From the region’s natural beauty and picturesque backdrops to its solid network of experienced professionals and audiovisual equipment, the Charente image centre has all the resources needed to turn the most ambitious creative visions into reality.


Experienced technicians in control rooms, lighting, cameras, sets, casting, drones, 360° shots and stunts…. enable producers to put together solid teams very quickly. Angoulême, a city renowned for its visual talent and a UNESCO Creative City, is home to many visual effects artists and post-production studios.


With 7 sound studios and expertise in VFX, the Charente is the best-equipped post-production department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, opening up additional opportunities for directors and their producers and giving them access to assistance from the department’s support fund. Editing, colour grading, mixing, dubbing, sound effects, localisation… The studios based in Charente offer a wide range of high-performance post-production solutions.

See the directory of post-production studios here.


Thanks to its production support fund, the Charente department is a popular destination for producers, who can find companies in the area offering the skills they need for shooting feature films or series. Magelis lists a number of technical audiovisual service providers in the department, which can be found here.

The B.A.T. Charente can also assist producers in their search for service providers, production offices, casting rooms and applications for filming permits, so that their teams can be accommodated in the best possible conditions.

Contact: Pascal Lefort